Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gluten Free Donuts

We had a Gluten Free Donut Party!

We hosted the 3rd annual Harvest Party, last November.
Yes, you read that right.
Ok, I've been busy.
But here are the recipes now!
And you are going to love them.

We started the donut making tradition one year on Halloween.  
All the festivities happened the weekend before Halloween and as adults we needed something to do, that would include babies and young children of course.
So I dug through some cookbooks and found some GF donut recipes.
They turned out ok.
But it was more fun because all our friends came over and ate delicious circles of deep-fried dough with us. 
It doesn't get better than that.

The next year, all the husband's had finals on and around Halloween.
So to carry on the tradition, we had the donut frenzy a week later and called it a fall harvest party.

The next year we moved during the fall and didn't throw one...
don't judge.
(I was also preggo and even thinking about hot oil, or cooking for that matter, made me run for the sink!)

But this last fall, we threw the biggest donut party ever! 
It was amazing.
And so were the donuts.

Want to throw your own?
Here's how:
Invite all your friends over for a Harvest Party.  Thanks to Facebook and mass texting this is easy.
(Keep everything as casual as possible)
Then make donuts!
Have everyone eat donuts until they are in a sugar coma.
Eat some more donuts while drinking sparkling cider, apple cider + dry ice.  Cool effects and delish.
Eat another donut and watch the football game (if you are a boy) or chat with all your friends (if you are a girl).

Be sure to make your kiddos matching Turkey Shirts.
They can also wear them at Thanksgiving.

So for this next week watch for some great donut recipes coming your way!

We have:


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