Friday, March 25, 2011

Is Gluten Making America Fat?

I saw this article on Yahoo, and was instantly sucked into reading it:

Well, if it's true then we can all thank our lucky stars that we can avoid the pound-catcher.

All in all, I agree with what cyclist Tom Danielson (who chose to live a gluten free diet) says:
"I became more dedicated and took a more professional approach to my training when I went gluten-free. I couldn't get lazy and down whole pizzas and bowls of pasta. I had to focus on putting better food in my body, and this made me realize how much my eating habits off the bike affected my performance on it." 

It's true, reading labels and always being mindful of what we are putting in our mouths helps make healthy food choices.  Yes, I was shocked when I saw some of the ingredients in common foods and all the artificial/preservative/sugar/lard-laden ingredients in gluten containing (and some non gluten containing) food that I used to love.  (Not that I don't indulge sometimes).  Eating an entire box of gluten free cookies will definitely do the same thing to your waistline that an entire box of gluten-full cookies will.

Anyway, interesting article.  Made some good points.  I think that if there's going to be a gluten-free movement in the food/restaurant industry, I say awesome, because it sure does make my life easier and a whole lot tastier.  

Read the article and let me know what you think.


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