Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gluten Free Pasta Tips

Tired of a puddle of mush under tomato sauce?
Here's some of my Gluten Free pasta making tips!

I love a big bowl of noodles covered in a delicious sauce.  
Any sauce, I'm not picky...
marinara, pesto, Alfredo, browned butter...
It's all good.

But the first thing that we need to cover is how to get that spectacular bowl of noodles.

Pick noodles that you like the best.
I personally like brown rice pasta the best.
Quinoa and corn taste a little too grain-y for me, but they do hold their shape better.

The first key to making good noodles, is to not overcook.
Bring the water to a boil, then add the noodles.  
I set the timer for the shortest amount of time on the directions.  When the timer goes off I test the noodles with a fork to see if they are the right texture.  
If they need more time, I let them cook for 1 more minute, then test.
Repeat until the texture you would like.
One minute might seem tedious, but the second you boil your noodles too long, you have mush.
And no one likes mush.

Next, lets move on to flavor.
Before adding the noodles (yes, I'm jumping around on you) throw in a big handful of kosher salt to the boiling water.  
The starchy noodles will soak up the salt water and add a lot of flavor.
Also add a drizzle of olive oil.
This will add flavor to the noodles, make the sauce "stick" to the noodles better, but it will also not let the water boil over and create a huge mess.  

When your noodles are done, drain and rinse them in a colander/strainer.  Rinse with cold water, then place them directly back into the pan.  Place the pan back on the stove over a low heat.  Add your sauce and using a set of tongs, flip the noodles around, coating the noodles with sauce. 

Serve your noodles with pride!


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